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Importance Of Agriculture In Nigeria

Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria  and its benefits        See the importance of agriculture in Nigeria. How  important is agriculture in Nigeria?. Agriculture is by far the most widespread form of human activity and it is more basic than any industry. Even in this ‘machine age’, agriculture of one kind or another provides […]

What Is Commercial Agriculture

   Commercial agriculture is the type of agriculture which is concerned with the production of good, animals and cash crops in large quantities for sale. The main purpose of commercial agriculture is to gain profit from the sale of agricultural commodities.   Characteristics of commercial agriculture    •Yield is usually high.    •Commercial agriculture involves […]

What is Subsistence Agriculture

What Is Subsistence Agriculture ?             As men progressed from the hunting and gathering stage, they developed the art of cultivating certain plants and domesticating certain animals. People became self-sufficient and began to group themselves in villages. They made crude implements and learned to provide enough food for the family. […]