How To Pass WAEC 2019 In One Sitting Without Expo/Runz

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   Well in today’s article, I am going to teach you how to  pass waec in one sitting without examination malpractice.

WAEC is usually getting tough and tough each year and only those who know how to prepare well are exempted from failure.

It is of no use if you had good grades in eight subjects and having a pass (D7, E8)  or a fail (F9) in English or maybe Mathematics.

These  subjects are very important, this does not literally mean that the remaining subjects are of less importance than English and mathematics, no, it just means that you have to have a good grade in all the subjects that you sat for in the examination.

We all know that nine (9) subjects are to be taken when registering for the examination in which English and mathematics are compulsory for all departments, be it science, arts or commercial.

How To Pass Waec In One Sitting (2019 Exam)

  1. Follow the steps. 
  2. Pray for knowledge. 
  3. Target a grade.
  4. Have faith in yourself. 
  5. Crave to pass waec.
  6. Prepare well for waec. 
  7. Test yourself with waec past questions. 
  8. Use a waec syllabus. 
  9. Run away from expo and distractions. 
  10. Improve your handwriting.
  11. Interact with people who can help you. 
  12. Plan your time. 
  13. Follow instructions. 
  14. Go to the examination hall early. 
  15. Have a flash note. 
  16. Never be proud. 
  17. Revise what you have read.
  18. Don’t cram too much. 
  19. Never leave any stone unturned. 
  20. Proofread before submitting.


 Follow the steps 

 Now the main purpose of this post is to guide you on how to successfully pass waec 2019, these are the good grades : A1, B2, B3, C4, C5 and C6, with “C6” being the least of the good grades in WAEC, to be able to register for JAMB or any A’ level programmes, you need to have at least a credit (C4, C5 or C6) in both English and mathematics.

Every WAEC 2019 candidates wish and aspire to excellently pass waec, but only few of these people take the right steps to get a good grade in their results.

I assure you that after reading this post, passing WAEC 2019 would be as simple as ABC for you. Just read and follow the steps, never omit any steps. These steps are :

Praying to pass waec 2019:

 You need to pray to God for guidance, this really helps you, as you will be guided by the Holy Spirit on which topics will come out as a question in the examination.

You also need to pray and ask for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. As Jeremiah 33:3 says: “Call into me, and I will answer thee, and she’s thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not”. Matthew 7:7 also says: “Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and yeah shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”.

Don’t just pray, also read the scriptures (Holy Bible), you will surely find a message for you in it that will be helpful to you.

Don’t forget to pray for protection, the devil is busy with his wicked works, trying to destroy people’s lives and make them become failures in live, pray against every sickness and disease that will cause you not to sit for the examination.

Note: In case if you are not a Christian, you can also apply these principles of prayers in your religion. I pray that your prayers would be answered. Let’s move to the next step.

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Target A Particular Grade In waec :

This is very important because without a destination, you can’t start a journey. You need to have in mind what grade that you want to see in your WAEC 2019 result, It must be a good grade, is it A1, B2, B3, or even a credit ?, you must know this, and let this grade be your main target.

Don’t just target a  grade in only one or two subjects, target the grades that you want to see in your result in all the subjects that you sat for during the examination. Keep this target in mind and mark it somewhere (in your notebook or diary). It doesn’t pay to dream small. When someone is pursuing their dream, they will go far beyond what seems to be their limitations.

The grades in 2019/2020,WAEC are :
B2=Very Good

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Have faith :

You need to have faith in yourself that you can get that particular target (grade)  and successfully pass WAEC 2019 examination. Isaiah 7:9 says: “If you will not believe, then surely you shall never be established “.

Believe in yourself and never give up on God. Don’t listen to anybody that says you can never excel. Just believe you can do it.

Crave To Pass waec:

You need to have a strong desire to pass WAEC 2019. This inspires you to work hard and get your targeted grade in the examination.

waec result checker 

Get your tools  and resources ready for the examination :

 You might be thinking : “what are the tools that I need to pass waec? “, these tools are important for you to move on to the next step in this article. These tools are your textbooks, calculator, graph books, working sheets, notebooks, past questions, WAEC syllabus and mathematical set.

Planning your time for waec 2019:

You need to plan how you are going to carry out your goal. One thing that all successful people have in common  is
that they have mastered the ability to manage their time. First and foremost, they have organized themselves.

You never regain lost time, so make the most of every moment. You also need to time yourself when solving WAEC past questions and when reading. Make a personal reading timetable and plan it according to your available time. Be smart about your time and adhere strictly to your timetable.


Understand your resources :

Understand your resources or tools that I mentioned above and know how to fully use them to finish the examination in flying colors.


Reading for waec 2019/2020 :

This is the most important part of this article. You need to read your textbooks and only read according to 2019 WAEC syllabus, for this purpose, many textbooks have been modified according to the syllabus and this helps you to easily read without reading and looking at the syllabus, although this syllabus is still important for you.

Reading and understanding helps you. Don’t just read, you need to understand what you have read. When you read and understand, it is easy for you to remember what you have read.

  Read only textbooks that you can easily understand. Generally textbooks with lots of pictures in it, have a great tendency to be easily read and understood.

Avoid textbooks that are more complex than your level like advanced level textbooks (A’ level), these type of textbooks are of no use to you. WAEC can never ask you something that is not in the syllabus. Note that WAEC is an ordinary level exam, not an advanced level exam.


How to read for waec 2019 examination

For the science students, you are going to do practical in some of your subjects in WAEC, to this end, get  practical textbooks to help you maximize your marks in WAEC 2019 and pass waec with flying colors, this is because the practical part of the examination carries most of the
marks and is very important.

If you find a particular topic or subject boring or if it is too hard for you to read and understand, focus more on that topic or subject and strengthen your weakness.

Meditation :

In case you don’t know what meditation is, it is the practice of thinking deeply in silence. You don’t just have to think deeply in silence, think about all that you have read, think about that your targeted grade, think about how the examination hall would be, and make your mind calm. This will really help you. Meditation really helps you to remember what you have read and it reduces stress.


Concentrate on the exam :

You need to focus all your mind on your goal to pass waec. Concentrate on your textbooks and how to get the most out of them.

Avoid and resist distractions :

You should be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity. For everything in life, you pay a price. Distractions will not let you concentrate on your studies and this may hinder you from passing waec. Nothing of value comes without sacrifice. You should avoid and resist any distractions, be it; social media, movies, music, sports, etcetera and concentrate on your studies.

Run away from waec expo:

 WAEC expo or runz is also known as examination malpractice. It is wrong and illegal and is also a sin unto God.

There are several punishments for those who are engaged in examination malpractice, it may be : Sentence to jail for some years, cancellation of WAEC results or the WAEC results might be held, it may also bring a permanent stop to that center where the examination malpractice was done from participating in WAEC again. You should be smart and avoid examination malpractice.

Test yourself with waec past questions :

It is a good practice to always test yourself with questions. If you fail a question, correct your mistakes and note them down so that you would not repeat that mistake again.

 You should get WAEC past questions, it is very important because WAEC usually repeat questions and this is a bonus only for those who have practiced the past questions.

You can also find someone to ask you questions on those topics that you have read and understood.

Improve your handwriting to pass waec :

If you know that your handwriting is really bad, please try to improve it and make it legible and properly space your words when answering your questions. This applies to the theory and practical part of WAEC 2019 as the objective part is being marked by computers.

 Handwriting is also a reason that may decide if you will pass waec at once or not. The examiners who mark your scripts are also humans like you and will never mark anything that they can’t easily read well. Even if you are very intelligent and your handwriting is bad, it will definitely affect you. So with this you should try to improve it.

 Interact with intelligent people :

Find people who are more academically sound than you, interact with them, read with them, ask them questions and brainstorm with them. Also share ideas with them on different topics. In case if you haven’t seen anyone, you can find them on social media networks or even in your school.

Get updated with any news about WAEC 2019 :

You should make sure that you informed about any news about WAEC 2019, don’t just source for news, make sure that it is not a fake news. You can get updated on blogs like this one and even on social social media networks.

 Revise what you have read :

Revising does not mean that you have to read the textbooks as you have before, no, it means that you should analyze every part of the textbook and make sure that you have successfully completed it.

 Have a flash-note :

What I call a flash-note is a notebook that you use to jot down important points and things that you could easily forget. This flash-note has helped me pass waec and you should also try it. On the day of your examination, you could take your flash-note and go through it, it will definitely help.

 Never be proud :

You should be humble and never be proud, just because you know ‘A’ and another person does not know it doesn’t mean you know ‘B’ which that other person knows. Nobody is perfect. Having 9 A ‘s in waec 2019 does not mean that you should be proud.

  Always ask the invigilators in the examination hall, things that you don’t understand. This doesn’t mean that you ask them to tell you answers to the questions before you, no, such as if you don’t know your examination number or center  number or you don’t know how to fill in the details, you can ask the invigilators.

Get to the waec examination hall early :

It is very important that you get to the examination hall early. You should get there about 30minutes or 1 hour before the examination.

Always pay attention to instructions :

Instructions are very important in examinations, you might have been instructed to answer only four questions out six questions, but because you did not read the instructions before starting, you ended up doing all the six questions. You may have even done questions that you know nothing about. Instructions guide you to properly answer the questions.   

  This may result to failure or loss of marks because when the examiners are marking and they get to your script, they would be confused on what to mark, since you answered all the questions, and you should know that since it was not specified in the marking guide for the examiners to mark all questions, they would only be left with the choice of marking four of the six  
 you answered.

You should always make sure that you read and understand the instructions before starting the examination.

 Don’t skip any questions in the objective part :

Don’t try to skip any questions in the objective part of the examination. But however in case if you want to skip some questions because of time, make sure you mark those questions and come back to answer them before submitting.

If you skip a question without answering it, you lose your marks for that question.

The objective part usually has between 50-60 questions, except English language which can be up to 100 questions.

 Proofread before submitting your waec script

You should make sure that you review your answers and carefully check out for any mistakes and correct them before submitting your script. This can help you gain some more marks. Even without using waec marking  or schemes guides you should do this.


Bonus on how to pass waec in one sitting 

Always vist Elearnpro if you really want to know how to pass waec and get straight a’s without stress.

 Never attempt to cheat in 2019 waec through waec expo. Even waec expo centers are bad. Follow the steps above.

I wish you good luck in your examination.

That is your last guide on how to pass waec in one sitting .

Thanks for reading this post, I hope it was helpful to you, share it with your friends and family using the share buttons below, sharing is caring.

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