Jamb 2020/2021 Registration Form, Exam Date, Deadline & How To Register

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Jamb registration

I created this post with the intention of letting you know what you need to know about jamb 2020 registration.

This post is majorly for those that are preparing to register for jamb 2020/2021.

There are some things that you need to do while you are being registered for jamb 2020/2021. I will talk about those things in this post. Read and take note of them.


 How to register for jamb 2020/2021 examination


To register for the 2020 exam, you need to create your jamb profile code, check this article How to create jamb profile and get profile code.

After you you have your 10 digits jamb profile code, go to the bank to buy e-pin. The jamb e-pin is between three thousand five hundred naira and four thousand naira (₦3,500 – ₦4000).

You can easily purchase your jamb e-pin at some banks like Polaris bank, union bank, first bank, access bank, etcetera.

Now that you have your jamb profile code and e-pin, go to an accredited cbt center for to register.


Note that not all cbt centers are accredited. Never pay money at a computer cafe, only an accredited jamb cbt center.

 Things you need at the jamb cbt center

You will need some important documents and things at the jamb cbt center to complete your registration. These things are :

1. Your O level result : This can either be Waec, neco, waec gce, neco gce, etcetera. As far as it is an O level result, you can use it. Never take any A level results like nabteb, Cambridge, etcetera.

2. Your Jamb 2020 e-pin and profile code : Make sure that you have these two important things with you.

3. Money : You will surely need money to pay for some things during the online registration .

4. Your personal email address and phone number : You need to have the email address and phone number with you .


 Tips on jamb 2020/2021  registration


You need to know your jamb subject combination, the first, second, third and fourth institution.

Don’t pick a course that you don’t have any idea about. Choose the correct subject combination for your desired course.

Make sure you do not lost any documents that you may need at the cbt center. It may be your jamb profile code or jamb 2020 e-pin or O level result.

You don’t need any passport or photo at the jamb cbt center to register.


 Details about how to register for jamb 2020

data is one of the most important info needed in the jamb 2020 registration.
some aspirant make the mistake of not being available while the jamb 2020/2021 registration is
going on.
give their details to people to register for them and even go as far as
scanning passport.
Read also :
some of you might be asking, what should I do while am being registered?.
some aspirants are actually confused on what they should do, while 2020/2021 utme  registration
is going on.
You are
expected to be present physically, mentally and psychologically.
 While your data(your surname, name and other
name, date of birth, email address, SSCE result and type, subject combination, course
and institution) are being inputed, you are expected to open your eyes and pay
attention to what the cbt registrar is inputting.
date of birth is very important you have to make sure it tallies with the one
on your o level result.
thing goes with your name, don’t Make the mistake of allowing the registrar put
a wrong letter in your name.
 Your email address is very technical.
[email protected] is different
from [email protected] just a
mistake of one letter spoils everything.

 When the email address is not correct in jamb 2020 registration

 In case the email address you used for the registration is not correct ,you are left with two options.
1. Create the incorrect email address : Try to create an email address with the same spelling as the one you used. If the email address is not available or has been created. You are left with option two.
2. Pay money at the jamb cbt center to change the email address. You will be asked to pay between three and five thousand naira to change it. After payment ,it will be changed. But make sure that it is also correct.

Conclusion on how to register for jamb in 2020

 All am
trying to say is open your eyes while registration is going on and don’t make
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