How to check waec 2019/2020 result using phone fast

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Check waec result


U will learn how to check waec result using phone both online and via sms in this post. Don’t forget to share it with others.

So after sitting for the WAEC examination , your scripts are marked according to the marking scheme and grades are given according to what you scored. The next thing for you is to check your waec result and see what you scored.

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I pray that your waec result will be a favourable one when you check it. So let’s move to the main topic.

 How to check your waec result online using waec result checker

To check waec result using phone online. Follow the steps below to check your waec result using waec result checker online.

Step 1 : Go and buy a valid waec voucher. This waec voucher contains an electronic pin that you will use.

It can be purchased at National, Zonal and branch offices of waec. It is sold at the rate of ₦700 (seven hundred naira).

It should not be more than seven hundred naira, although it may change.

Step 2 : Go to the waec official portal by using this link

You will see a page like the one in the picture below

Check waec result

Step 3 : Enter your ten digit waec examination number in area of “examination number”. Make sure you don’t make a mistake while typing it .

Step 4 : Pick the year in which you sat for the examination in the drop down menu for examination year.

Step 5 : Enter the e-pin waec voucher number. You will find it on the waec voucher you purchased.

Step 6 : Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your waec voucher in the “PIN” area.

Step 7 : Click on the “submit” button and patiently wait for your results to show.

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Things you should know

• Know that you can only check your waec result up to a maximum of 5 (five) times. After this, you will need to buy another voucher to check it.

• If your result is displaying “outstanding” , it means there are some issues with it. Keep checking the portal for updates on outstanding results.

• if you made a mistake by checking another person results with your e-pin, you will have to buy another one to check yours.

• Your waec result or grades can never be changed or upgraded. Do not fall for scams by giving them money to upgrade it.

• If the waec checking portal did not load or open. The problem is from your cellular connection on your smartphone.

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Now let’s move on to  how to check waec result using phone via sms or message.

 How to check waec result using phone via sms

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) recently introduced another method of checking waec result using phone. This method is by using your phone to check it via SMS.

Follow the steps below to check waec result using phone via SMS.

Step 1 : Open the message application on your phone.

Step 2 : In the recipient number area, put 32327.

Step 3 : Send the message in this way,  WAEC*Examinationnumber*PIN*Exam year. Make sure there is no space in the message.

For example; WAEC*5774488453*4444552868*2019.

Step 4 : Click on the “send” button and ₦30 (thirty naira) will be deducted from the credit on your smartphone. (Mtn, airtel and glo users).

Step 5 : Wait for your waec result and it will be sent to you as a message on your phone.

You can check the picture below to know how to check waec result using phone via sms.

Check waec result via sms
Check your waec result through sms

Possible problems when checking waec result using phone

You may encounter some problems when you want to check  waec result using phone.

I will provide all possible solutions to those problems for you. Please read and digest these things.

You saw “cancelled in your waec result”

Jeez.. That means that there was a big problem with that waec result. This problem may have arised from examination malpractice in that center.

I am sorry to say this, there is nothing that you can do to change it except by praying. Fervent prayer may change the mind of the examination board to uncancel it.

Just keep on checking once in a month or two months, so that you waec card may not be exhausted. Don’t relent and be sad.

If the cancelled subject or result is still the same and you need it for your admission, you have three options.

Option one is to sit for another waec examination. Two is to sit for gce (either waec gce or neco gce). Option three is to sit for neco examination.

You can use all these as substitution for the cancelled waec result.

The waec result checking portal did not open

This can actually be your fault or waec’s. Check your phone if the data is on. Also check if the internet connection is good.

If your internet connection is bad, move to where it is good. It may also occur if you do not have any data on your phone.

Always make sure you have data and your browser is up to date. I prefer using chrome to opera mini browser.

Waec result is been held

You saw the word “held” repeatedly on your waec result. As I said before ,this type of problem may be caused from examination malpractice detected by the board.

Keep on checking the waec result portal for any latest updates on held waec results. Don’t forget to pray very well about it.

Your details are not on the result

This means that you made a mistake while typing in your details to check waec result using phone.

You need to purchase another waec scratch card to check your own waec result.

How to check waec gce result using phone

The waec gce is an examination, almost like waec. It is for private candidates.

You should use the steps above to check your waec gce result. But don’t try to use the SMS method to check your waec gce results.

There is one thing you should note when checking waec gce result, check it on waec result portal using the link above.

After typing all your details, I’m the examination area, pick “private candidates result” instead of school candidates result.

The school candidates result is used to check waec result using phone, while the other is used to check waec gce results.

Conclusion on how to check waec result using phone

You can check waec result using phone both online and offline. You need to have a phone with data and good browser to check it online.

Never let out, any of your waec examination details such as examination number to strangers. Keep them safe as possible .

Make sure there is enough credit on your phone when you want to send the message to check it.

Don’t forget to screenshot your waec result after you checked it. U can also go to a cafe to check and print it out .

In case you checked it with your computer and you have a printer. Connect the computer to the printer and press Ctr + P.

That’s how to check waec result using phone both online and via sms. I hope it answered your question. You can now easily check waec result using phone.

Thanks for taking your time to read how to check waec result using phone, share it with others using the sharing buttons above and below this post. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list to get more educative articles like this to your email for free.

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